Miki Matsui

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Compact rehabilitation robot system which can support movement of the wrist of patients has been developed. The robot system can detect and analyze the patient's intention to move the wrist by such a biological signal as muscle potential, then, assist the wrist exercise of patients. Also, both-wrist rehabilitation robot system by mirror effect has been(More)
The authors have developed a practical wrist rehabilitation robot for hemiplegic patients. It consists of a mechanical rotation unit, sensor, grip, and computer system. A myoelectric sensor is used to monitor the extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis muscle and flexor carpi radialis muscle activity during training. The training robot can provoke training(More)
The authors have developed wrist rehabilitation robot for hemiplegic patients. The robot is much effective for repetitive rehabilitation, and useful for patients. Mirror effect control system is developed based on the experience that a patient can easily move a limb while moving a limb on the other side. The effectiveness is successfully confirmed by the(More)
Classification of brain tissues assists for detecting brain tumors and for quantifying the cerebral atrophy. Almost of conventional methods assign the same class to voxels that have same MR signal independent of their locations. So, their methods are unsuitable for MR images with intensity nonuniformity (INU) artifact. This article proposes an automated(More)
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