Miki Makihara

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Rapanui is a Polynesian language spoken on Easter Island, Chile. In this paper, I focus on the linguistic adaptations that Rapanui speakers make when transferring Spanish elements into their Modern Rapanui speech. I analyze Spanish transfers and the mechanisms of adaptation at the levels of phonology, morphology, lexicon, syntax, and discourse. The(More)
Recent work in linguistic anthropology highlights the role of linguistic ideologies, or cultural conceptions of language, in transforming social relations and linguistic structure and use. This article examines the links between language attitudes and uses in their institutional and interactional contexts on Rapa Nui, a Polynesian island community that is(More)
The performance of the CT scanner "TCT-700S" (Toshiba Medical), including noise, spatial and contrast resolution, and exposure, was evaluated. Noise increased as the slice thickness decreased. No matter what the slice thickness, noise was great when the product of tube current and scan speed (described by mAs in the following sentences) was small.(More)
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