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Architectural choices have a profound influence on the dependability of a computer system. Dependability modelling and analysis is a method proposed for the early evaluation of the system architecture and the related design decisions. We describe the design, implementation and application of a tool that is able to construct automatically a dependability(More)
Spatial Technology, Inc., has 45-60 developers (depending on how you count) busy writing code. The Tech Pubs department has three writers to keep up with them, plus two programmers who develop and maintain software tools that support the documentation. This team puts out paper and online documentation, on time, reasonably complete, for one major and several(More)
Even in this high-tech, fast-paced, multi-media world, the simple list is still one of the most useful tools for the technical communicator. It may be as basic as a sticky note or as elaborate as a task list for building a rocket, but the concept is the same. Each list provides the answer to a question, and should solve some problem or make life easier for(More)
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