Miki Kobayashi

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Red algae sometimes turn yellow, but few studies have been conducted on the yellowing of subtidal bed-forming species and on the relationship between the color and environmental factors. We examined the seasonal changes in thallus color of macroscopic subtidal red algae and nutrient levels as in shallow waters at two sites: Hirasawa (0 to 3 m in depth) and(More)
Recently, a solid fertilizer with condensed nutrients was manufactured using molten slag from municipal solid waste and dried cow dung. This novel substratum was used for the afforestation of Sargassum alternato-pinnatum Yamada in the subtropical Amami Ohshima Island since 2010. Seedlings were attached to discoidal, fertilized, molten slag (DFMS) blocks by(More)
This paper studies possibility of soft switching operation through the calculation of the circuit constants in the double-coil drive type induction heating (IH) cooker, which had been proposed by us. Therefore, we experimentally clarified the effect of (a) gap length between metal load and heating coil and (b) kinds of the metal loads, on the characteristic(More)
An effective stepwise micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) elution method was developed using lithium perfluorooctadecyl sulfonate (LPFOS) and lithium dodecyl sulfate (LDS). The hydrogen-bonding property of LPFOS micelles differs from that of LDS micelles, which leads to remarkably different selectivity in the transfer of solutes to the micelles.(More)
This paper discusses the achievement of the temperature control method of a double-coil drive type induction heating (IH) cooker. Double-coil drive type IH cooker invented by us, is the new induction heating method which can heat nonmagnetic metals. We have already proposed the PDM temperature control method which can be adopted in the proposed system.(More)
Micellar electrokinetic chromatography in which the concentration of cetyltrimetylammmonium chloride (CTAC) was sequentially changed in the separation system was investigated using 10 aromatic anions and 11 non-ionic aromatic compounds as model analytes. All separations were performed in the absence of electroosmotic flow (EOF), and thus, analytes were(More)
On the southern coast of Uchiura Bay, central Pacific, Japan, Diadema barrens have expanded since the 1980s but Eckloniopsis radicosa (annual kelp endemic to Japan) has remained in deeper waters (>10 m in depth). Phenology of the kelp was studied on isolated boulders from December 2011 for a year. Young sporophytes appeared in December and rapid growth from(More)
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