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The effect of entomopathogenic Lecanicillium spp. (Hypocreales: Cordycipitaceae) on the aphid parasitoid Aphidius colemani (Hymenoptera: Aphidiinae)
The effects of entomopathogenic Lecanicillium spp. (Zare and Gams) on Aphidius colemani (Viereck) adult longevity and ovipositional behavior and on the emergence rate and longevity of the F1Expand
Counterattack success of a social spider mite against two predominant phytoseiid predator species
It was shown that while LW form male(s) could kill or effectively drive the larvae of both predator species out of their nests, there were no significant differences in the male counterattack success rate between 1-male and 2-male defended nests, or against the two predator species. Expand
Life history differences between two forms of the social spider mite, Stigmaeopsis miscanthi
This study addresses why a significant difference in rm exists in relation to other behavior and physiological adaptations, and addresses why the developmental speeds of HG under several temperature regimens were significantly higher than those of LW. Expand
Silk threads function as an ‘adhesive cleaner’ for nest space in a social spider mite
It is found that special adaptations for maintaining clean habitats are essential for animals to evolve aggregative social lives and females of this species use silk threads to perform regular cleaning of the nest space and eggs. Expand
Surface activity of soyasaponin A1.
Soyasaponin A1とIの界面活性能とエマルション安定性を比較検討した. Soyasaponin A1水溶液の表面活性能は, soyasaponin Iよりも非常に低く,安定な泡沫は生じなかった. 界面活性能も, soyasaponin A1のほうがIよりも低かった. soyasaponinExpand