Mikhail Zriakhov

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It is shown that images can be subject to lossy compression in such a way that introduced distortions are not visible. For this purpose, two modern visual quality metrics, MSSIM and PSNR-HVS-M, can be used. Their values are to be provided not less than 0.99 and 40 dB, respectively, and the corresponding lossy compression is to be carried out. Attained(More)
A task of lossy compression of noisy images providing accessible quality is considered. By accessible quality we mean minimal distortions of a compressed image with respect to the corresponding noise-free image that are observed for the case of optimal operation point (OOP). The ways of reaching OOP for noisy images are discussed. It is shown that this can(More)
Two automatic approaches to lossy compression of hyperspectral AVIRIS images are proposed and considered. A first approach (strategy) is to filter images on-board and then to transfer compressed. A second strategy assumes that image filtering is performed on-land applied to decompressed data. In both cases, blind evaluation of noise variance is carried out.(More)
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