Mikhail Yu Lavrentiev

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Atomistic simulations suggest trace elements are more soluble in a 50:50 pyrope (Mg3Al2Si3O12)-grossular (Ca3Al2Si3O12) garnet mixture than in either end-member; consistent with partitioning experiments, and, contrary to Goldschmidt's first rule, large trace element cations may substitute for Mg2+, small trace elements for Ca2+.
A Monte Carlo exchange technique is used to study segregation in thin ceramic films with application to MgO/MnO. The approach is not restricted to the dilute limit. Surface concentrations as a function of temperature and film composition are determined directly from the simulations. For all compositions studied (Mn(chi)Mg(1-chi)O, 0 < or = chi < or = 1) the(More)
We present a combined experimental and computational study of high temperature magnetic properties of Fe-Cr alloys with chromium content up to about 20 at.%. The magnetic cluster expansion method is applied to model the magnetic properties of random Fe-Cr alloys, and in particular the Curie transition temperature, as a function of alloy composition. We find(More)
A model lattice ab initio parameterized Heisenberg-Landau magnetic cluster expansion Hamiltonian spanning a broad range of alloy compositions and a large variety of chemical and magnetic configurations has been developed for face-centered cubic Fe-Ni alloys. The thermodynamic and magnetic properties of the alloys are explored using configuration and(More)
We have modelled the surface diffusion and growth of BaO and SrO both in the homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial (BaO on SrO and SrO on BaO) cases. The diffusion proceeds most favourably by an exchange mechanism involving the surface layer. When impurities are adsorbed on the surface this can lead to intermixing between the layers. This strongly suggests that(More)
We examine the movement of ion pairs on the surfaces of simple oxides. Using temperature-accelerated dynamics the elementary processes involved are identified and the activation energies of these used as input to kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. Results are presented for the motion of BaO and SrO ion pairs on the (100) surfaces of BaO and SrO, respectively,(More)
Local minima configurational averaging (CA) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations are used to examine in detail the variation of thermodynamic and structural properties of binary oxide solid solutions with the volume mismatch between the end members. The maximum volume mismatch studied corresponds to that in the CaO MgO solid solution, a prototype example of a(More)
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