Mikhail V Svechnikov

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The use of point diffraction interferometry is reported for measuring minutes, on the order of 0.01 arcsec angular movements. The algorithm for determining the angular displacement by the dynamics of the interference pattern is described. We also demonstrate results for applying this method to the study of the linearity and hysteresis of the angular shift(More)
The possibilities of applying the point diffraction interferometry (PDI) method for the detection of the middle spatial frequency roughness of superpolished optical surfaces are analyzed. The point source used in the experiment is based on a single mode optical fiber with the subwavelength exit aperture size, which is about 0.25 μm. In a numerical aperture(More)
A compact laboratory proximity soft X-ray microscope providing submicrometer spatial resolution and digital image registration is described. The microscope consists of a laser-plasma soft X-ray radiation source, a Schwarzschild objective to illuminate the test sample, and a two-coordinate detector for image registration. Radiation, which passes through the(More)
Circular Zernike polynomials are often used for approximation and analysis of optical surfaces. In this paper, we analyse their lateral resolving capacity, illustrating the effects of a lack of approximation by a finite set of polynomials and answering the following questions: What is the minimum number of polynomials that is necessary to describe a local(More)
The effect of Be layers on the reflection coefficients of Mo/Be/Si multilayer mirrors in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) region is reported. Samples were studied using laboratory and synchrotron based reflectometry, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The samples under study have reflection coefficients above 71% at 13.5 nm and more than 72%(More)
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