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Introduction: The cold, dry soils of the Antarctic can serve as relevant analogs to martian soils. Soils formed from weathering of the Ferrar Dolerite (diabase) are especially useful, since this dolerite is itself a good analog to shergottite (basaltic martian meteorite) lithologies. Previously , we have presented the results of (ongoing) analytical studies(More)
Introduction: The presence of silica and/or silica-rich minerals on Mars is consistent with in-situ data [e.g., 1, 2] and with orbital thermal infrared [e.g., 3, 4] and near infrared [e.g., 5] spectral observations of surface regions. Recently, the Spirit rover investigated silica-rich outcrops and soil (up to ~98 wt % SiO 2) at the Columbia Hills in Gusev(More)
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