Mikhail V. Astakhov

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According to quantitative indices, the under-ice drift of invertebrates in the piedmont part of the Kedrovaya River (Primorskii Krai) is lower than during the ice-free period. The winter drift is constituted mainly by Diptera and Ephemeroptera. In the warm season, an active drift of hydrobionts is observed only at night; during the freezing-over period, the(More)
The qualitative composition and quantitative characteristics of the syrton allochthonous fraction in one of the rivers of the Russian Far East are examined. It is assumed that the daily dynamics of terrestrial invertebrate drift is determined by the specificity of their daily migrations on land. A counterargument to the theory of the zoobenthos nighttime(More)
We consider the resonant mechanism of high-frequency radiation absorption by nanoparticles possess either an electrical or a magnetic dipole momentum due to the resonant interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the natural vibration of nanoparticles bounded with carrier by different forces. The frequency range could be varied in wide limits by changing(More)
Diurnal dynamics of invertebrate drift in the Kedrovaya River (Primorsky Krai, Russia), which flows in the zone of influence of the monsoon climate, has been studied. It has been shown that drifting invertebrates tend to shift from a predominantly daytime drift pattern to a distinguished nocturnal drift pattern during the frost-free period. The ratio of the(More)
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