Mikhail Tokman

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We develop a classical model of the parametric effect of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) within the line of resonance absorption of an electromagnetic wave in the medium--an effect initially discovered for a quantum three-level system. On the basis of this model, the EIT effect for electromagnetic waves at frequencies of the(More)
Surface plasmons in graphene may provide an attractive alternative to noble-metal plasmons due to their tighter confinement, peculiar dispersion, and longer propagation distance. We present theoretical studies of the nonlinear difference frequency generation (DFG) of terahertz surface plasmon modes supported by two-dimensional layers of massless Dirac(More)
It is shown that mechanical vibration (acoustical oscillation) of a solid medium along the propagation of multifrequency laser radiation enables one to control the resonant absorption. There exists an optimal spectral structure of the incident field dependent on vibration amplitude as well as the number and intensity of the frequency components that(More)
Entangled photon states attract tremendous interest as the most vivid manifestation of nonlocality of quantum mechanics and also for emerging applications in quantum information. Here we propose a mechanism of generation of polarization-entangled photons, which is based on the nonlinear optical interaction (four-wave mixing) in graphene placed in a magnetic(More)
In an electron-ion recombination study with Pb53+ dielectronic recombination resonances are found for as low as approximately 10(-3)-10(-4) eV relative energy. The resonances have been calculated by relativistic many-body perturbation theory and through comparison with experiment the Pb53+(4p(1/2)-4s(1/2)) energy splitting of approximately 118 eV is(More)
We report on the observation of collective radiative decay, or superradiance, of cyclotron resonance (CR) in high-mobility two-dimensional electron gases in GaAs quantum wells using time-domain terahertz magnetospectroscopy. The decay rate of coherent CR oscillations increases linearly with the electron density in a wide range, which is a hallmark of(More)
Noise associated with the spontaneous emission in a coherently driven medium is calculated. The significant field-induced modification of relation between the noise power and damping constant in a thermal reservoir is obtained. The nonlinear noise exchange between different atomic frequencies leads to violation of standard relations dictated by the(More)
We show that a thin film of a three-dimensional topological insulator such as Bi(2)Se(3)or Bi(2)Te(3) can exhibit strong linear and nonlinear magneto-optical effects in a transverse magnetic field. In particular, one can achieve an almost complete circular polarization of an incident terahertz or mid-infrared radiation and an efficient four-wave mixing.
We study the system of equations for the canonically conjugate variables p and q specified by the one-dimensional Hamiltonian H=H(p,q,Λ(1),...,Λ(N)) dependent on Nself-consistent slightly changing parameters obeying the equations: Λ(n)=εf(n)(Λ(1),...,Λ(N),p,q). A broad range of oscillatory and wave processes with weak dissipation is described by analogous(More)
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