Mikhail Stolbov

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The report deals with speech enhancement in a noisy environment. A new, direct shaping parametric formulation of generalised adaptive spectral subtraction algorithm for non-stationary interference is considered. The idea of the authors is not to select but to form desirable envelope of spectral estimator function in SNR*Gain-function area. Some principles(More)
The concept of typological variability of physiological individuality was a methodological basis for chrono-physiological assessment of habitual physical activity (HPA) and heart rate (HR) in individuals with different functional types of constitution (FTC) (low HPA (FTC-1), medium HPA (FTC-2), and high HPA (FTC-3)) living at different latitudes of West(More)
Typically, speaker identification examination requires two audio recordings: a voice sample and a questionable recording. The questionable one is in most of the cases the intercepted or recorded phone call. As mobile phones became the most popular way of communication, the largest number of questionable recordings comes from GSM channels. They use special(More)
This report is devoted to a new approach to wide band non-stationary noise reduction and corrupted speech signal enhancement. The objective is to provide processed speech intelligibility and quality while maintaining computation simplicity. We present a new (non-subtractive) noise suppression method called multi-band Automatic Gain Control (AGC). The(More)
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