Mikhail Simonov

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J. Oberzaucher CEIT RALTEC, Institute of Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Technologies, Schwechat, Austria e-mail: j.oberzaucher@fh-kaernten.at Abstract Demographic developments have challenged our research on how to assist elderly people by using robots. The KSERA (Knowledgeable SErvice Robots for Aging) project integrates smart home technology and a(More)
This article describes an approach in which the rehabilitative exercise prepared by health care professional (human) is encoded as formal knowledge and used by humanoid robot to assist patients in residential settings without involving other care actors. The authors are researching on the new cognitive capability enabling robots to judge about the(More)
Socio-economics aims to understand the interplay between the society, economy, markets, institutions, self-interest, and moral commitments. It is a multidisciplinary field using methods from economics, psychology, sociology, history, and even anthropology. Socio-economics of networks have been studied for over 30 years, but mostly in the context of social(More)
Since energy use is a type of consumer behavior reflecting the interests to maximize some objective function, the human being activities seen in energy terms might be used to create the social aggregations or groups. Electric energy generated from ecologic sources brings some unpredictability. Authors model the unpredictability of the distributed generation(More)
INTRODUCTION This article is part of the Focus Theme of Methods of Information in Medicine on "New Methodologies for Patients Rehabilitation". BACKGROUND The article presents the approach in which the rehabilitative exercise prepared by healthcare professional is encoded as formal knowledge and used by humanoid robot to assist patients without involving(More)
This article presents an industrial application in which event-based smart meters supplies datasets feeding the Advanced Metering Infrastructure, legacy billing procedures, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems of smart grid. New generation hybrid meters interoperate by using the FI-WARE architectural framework personalized by FINESCE team in(More)
Event-driven energy metering has emerged recently with conceptual and practical implications, as well as with new manufactured technological solutions. This paper recalls the underlying concepts that have led to these improvements. The event-driven energy metering paradigm is addressed in terms of the definition of the major aspects leading to its(More)