Mikhail Shnaider

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This paper describes a method for image compression using a fusion technique: combining wavelet transform and curvelet transform. Both the transforms when used individually shows some disadvantages. Wavelets though optimal for point singularities have limitations with directional properties. Similarly curvelets are challenged with small features. By(More)
A 1-dimensional wavelet transform is a method of expansion of a single-variable function into a combination of generic functions called "wavelets". Wavelets are generated from a single appropriately selected function by operations of dilation and translation. Expansion into wavelets captures the essential time-frequency properties of a function. Recently,(More)
Design Methodology based on elementary results from the graph theory which is employed in a process of converting a schematic of a CMOS functional cell in a corresponding mask layout is presented. The exact topology of the layout is described by the layout matrix, which is amenable to algorithmic operations. It is demonstrated with typical CMOS cells that(More)
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