Mikhail Shifman

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Domain walls in strongly coupled gauge theories are discussed. A general mechanism is suggested automatically leading to massless gauge bosons localized on the wall. In one of the models considered, outside the wall the theory is in the nonAbelian confining phase, while inside the wall it is in the Abelian Coulomb phase. Confining property of the(More)
Various dynamical regimes associated with confined monopoles in the Higgs phase of N = 2 two-flavor QCD are studied. The microscopic model we deal with has the SU(2)×U(1) gauge group, with a Fayet-Iliopoulos term of the U(1) factor, and large and (nearly) degenerate mass terms of the matter hypermultiplets. We present a complete quasiclassical treatment of(More)
We discuss duality in N = 1 SUSY gauge theories in Seiberg’s conformal window, (3Nc/2) < Nf < 3Nc. The ’t Hooft consistency conditions – the basic tool for establishing the infrared duality – are considered taking into account higher order α corrections. The conserved (anomaly free) R current is built to all orders in α. Although this current contains all(More)
Supersymmetry breaking and compactification of extra space-time dimensions may have a common dynamical origin if our Universe is spontaneously generated in the form of a four-dimensional topological or non-topological defect in higherdimensional space-time. Within such an approach the conventional particles are zero modes trapped in the core of the defect.(More)