Mikhail N. Shaposhnikov

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Photoactivated (“caged”) fluorescent dyes are modern tools for structure and function studies of cell membranes and subcellular organelles. Recently synthesized precursors of rhodamine fluorescent dyes (abbreviations PFD813 and PFD814) important for microscopic probing of biological objects have been studied in solution. In order to characterize the(More)
Conjugates of the photoactivated rhodamine dyes with biopolymers (proteins, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids) are important tools for microscopic investigation of biological tissue. In this study, a precursor of the photoactivated fluorescent dye (PFD) has been successfully used for staining of numerous mammalian cells lines and for conjugate formation(More)
Photo-activated or “Caged” rhodamine dyes are the most useful for microscopic investigation of biological tissue by various fluorescent techniques. Novel precursor of the fluorescent dye (PFD813) has been studied for photosensitive staining of numerous animal cells. The functional rhodamine dye (Rho813) with intensive fluorescence has been obtained after(More)
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