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A staggering amount of attention was recently devoted to the study of compressed sensing and related areas using sparse priors in over parametrized linear models. The number of citations listed on the Rice University compressive sensing website within the last 5 years exceeds 600! The threshold phenomenon was empirically observed in early papers of Donoho(More)
The prevalence of inter-group conflict throughout the world over the past century has been widely examined from a broad range of substantive perspectives. An extensive empirical literature exists, which examines the political, structural and economic factors associated with the incidence, character and duration of conflict between groups within a political(More)
A model for the dynamics of membrane proteins in intact red blood cells was proposed in [3]. The data are obtained with a CCD camera. A nm-scale gold bead is attached to a protein molecule. Differential interference contrast (DIC) video microscopy is used to image the bead, and the images are recorded by a high-speed CCD camera. Because the beads are(More)
Search for an unknown set A; Card(A) = s, of signiicant variables of a linear model with random IID discrete binary carriers and nitely supported IID noise is studied. Two statistics T 1 ; T s ; based on maximization of Shannon Information (SI) of the corresponding classes of joint empirical input-output distributions , are proposed inspired by the related(More)
We continue studying a new context-free computationally simple stylometry-based text homogeneity test: the sliced conditional compression complexity (sCCC or simply CCC) of literary texts introduced in [10] and inspired by the incomputable Kolmogorov conditional complexity [7]. Other stylometry tools can occasionally almost coincide for different authors.(More)
In international security, there are many cases of inter-group conflict where violence persists and conflict-oriented policies dominate at the expense of a more mutually beneficial allocation of societal goods. What are the barriers to successful negotiation in such scenarios, and why are conflict management policies difficult to achieve? Most studies of(More)
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