Mikhail Makhanov

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Advances in the fields of cancer initiating cells and high-throughput in vivo shRNA screens have highlighted a need to observe the growth of tumor cells in cancer models at the clonal level. While in vivo cancer cell growth heterogeneity in xenografts has been described, it has yet to be measured. Here, we tested an approach to quantify the clonal growth(More)
Background Several recent studies have now firmly established a link between the immune infiltrate in several human carcinoma types and prognosis and/or response to therapy. Correspondingly, increasing evidence suggests that the number, type, and location of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in primary tumors harbor prognostic value, and this has led to the(More)
The usage of some methods of multivariate analysis for neuro-morphological studies is discussed. The alterations of dendritic trees of pyramidal neurons of layer III of visual cortex of the rat exposed to the influence of space flight aboard biosputnik "Cosmos-1887" were studied and the results are described to illustrate the methods power. o-technique of(More)
of cortical pyramidal neurons in the zone of developing ischemia. Definite dependence of the effect on dose was observed in only one case, namely 24 h after a late session. The inverse character of this dependence may perhaps be connected with the spastic effect of a dose of 2 atm on the cerebral arterioles and capillaries, which we found in the course of(More)
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