Mikhail M. Levitsky

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The transmetalation of bimetallic copper-sodium silsesquioxane cages, namely, [(PhSiO1.5 )10 (CuO)2 (NaO0.5 )2 ] ("Cooling Tower"; 1), [(PhSiO1.5 )12 (CuO)4 (NaO0.5 )4 ] ("Globule"; 2), and [(PhSiO1.5 )6 (CuO)4 (NaO0.5 )4 (PhSiO1.5 )6 ] ("Sandwich"; 3), resulted in the generation of three types of hexanuclear cylinder-like copper silsesqui- oxanes,(More)
Two principally different in their molecular architecture isomeric tetranuclear copper(ii) silsesquioxanes, "Globule"-like compound [(PhSiO1.5)12(CuO)4(NaO0.5)4] (1) and "Sandwich"-like derivative [(PhSiO1.5)6(CuO)4(NaO0.5)4(PhSiO1.5)6] (2), were synthesized by the partial cleavage of polymeric copper(ii) silsesquioxane [(PhSiO1.5)2(CuO)]n by(More)
New hexanuclear nickel(II) silsesquioxane [(PhSiO1.5)12(NiO)₆(NaCl)] (1) was synthesized as its dioxane-benzonitrile-water complex (PhSiO1,5)12(NiO)₆(NaCl)(C₄H₈O₂)13(PhCN)₂(H₂O)₂ and studied by X-ray and topological analysis. The compound exhibits cylinder-like type of molecular architecture and represents very rare case of polyhedral complexation of(More)
Fine-tuning of the reaction between alkali metal siloxanolate [PhSi(O)ONa]n and [Ni(NH3)6]Cl2 allowed us to design new hexa- [(PhSiO1,5)12(NiO)6(H2O)(DMSO)9] () and pentanuclear [(PhSiO1,5)10(NiO)5(NaOH)(DMF)7] () cage-like silsesquioxanes. Their specific structures were studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction and topological analyses. Compound is the(More)
A series of four unprecedented heterometallic metallagermsesquioxanes were synthesized. Their cage-like architectures have a unique type of molecular topology consisting of the hexairon oxo {Fe6 O19 } core surrounded in a triangular manner by three cyclic germoxanolates [PhGe(O)O]5 . This structural organization induces antiferromagnetic interactions(More)
Three types of unusual cagelike copper(II) methylsilsesquioxanes, namely, nona- [(MeSiO1.5)18(CuO)9] 1, hexa- [(MeSiO1.5)10(HO0.5)2(CuO)6(C12H8N2)2(MeSiO1.5)10(HO0.5)1.33(CH3COO0.5)0.67(CuO)6(C12H8N2)2] 2, [(MeSiO1.5)10(CuO)6(MeO0.5)2(C10H8N2)2] 3, and trinuclear [(MeSiO1.5)8(CuO)3(C10H8N2)2] 4, were obtained in 44%, 27%, 20%, and 16% yields, respectively.(More)
Two types of heterometallic (Fe(III),Na) silsesquioxanes—[Ph5Si5O10]2[Ph10Si10O21]Fe6(O)2Na7 (H3O)(MeOH)2(MeCN), I, and [Ph5Si5O10]2[Ph4Si4O8]2Fe6Na6(O)3(MeCN)8.5(H2O)8.44, II—were obtained and characterized. X-ray studies established distinctive structures of both products, with pair of Fe(III)-O-based triangles surrounded by siloxanolate(More)
Herein, the effect of replacement of the surrounding solvent and/or the partial substitution of sodium ions in the cage-like copper, sodium phenylsilsesquioxane [(PhSiO1.5)12(CuO)4(NaO0.5)4(n-BuOH)6] 1 with a globular structure was investigated; the synthesis of ten new derivatives of complex 1 was performed, and their crystal structures were determined.(More)
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