Mikhail M Levitsky

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New hexanuclear nickel(II) silsesquioxane [(PhSiO1.5)12(NiO)₆(NaCl)] (1) was synthesized as its dioxane-benzonitrile-water complex (PhSiO1,5)12(NiO)₆(NaCl)(C₄H₈O₂)13(PhCN)₂(H₂O)₂ and studied by X-ray and topological analysis. The compound exhibits cylinder-like type of molecular architecture and represents very rare case of polyhedral complexation of(More)
A heterometallic phenylsilsesquioxane [(PhSiO1,5)22(CoO)3(NaO0.5)6]⋅(EtOH)6⋅(H2O) 1 cage architecture of Co(II) ions in a triangular topology exhibits a slow dynamic behavior in its magnetization, induced by the freezing of the spins of individual molecules.
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