Mikhail Kuznetsov

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The surface electromyographic (sEMG) signal that originates in the muscle is inevitably contaminated by various noise signals or artifacts that originate at the skin-electrode interface, in the electronics that amplifies the signals, and in external sources. Modern technology is substantially immune to some of these noises, but not to the baseline noise and(More)
We investigated the influence of inter-electrode spacing on the degree of crosstalk contamination in surface electromyographic (sEMG) signals in the tibialis anterior (target muscle), generated by the triceps surae (crosstalk muscle), using bar and disk electrode arrays. The degree of crosstalk contamination was assessed for voluntary constant-force(More)
The paper investigates methods for intrinsic plagiarism detection and author diarization. We developed a plagiarism detection method based on constructing an author style function from features of text sentences and detecting outliers. We adapted the method for the diarization problem by segmenting author style statistics on text parts, which correspond to(More)
The separation of the enantiomers of several a-amino acids was studied on a new chiral stationary phase (CSP) which is based on the macrocyclic glycopeptide antibiotic eremomycin attached to silica particles. Retention and separation factors were determined under analytical conditions at ambient temperature for different mobile phase compositions. In order(More)
Chiral sorbents for HPLC separation of optical isomers carrying glycopeptide antibiotics (eremomycin or its eremosaminyl aglycon, ristomycin, or vancomycin) fixed onto the surface of silica gel have been synthesized. The patterns of the retention and separation of profen isomers and their dependence on the nature of the chiral selector and the eluant(More)
Sorting tuples by an attribute value is a common search scenario and many search engines support such capabilities, e.g. price-based sorting in e-commerce, time-based sorting on a job or social media website. However, sorting purely by the attribute value might lead to poor user experience because the relevance is not taken into account. Hence, at the top(More)
A new chiral stationary phase (CSP) was prepared by attachment of macrocyclic glycopeptide antibiotic eremomycin to the epoxy-activated silica under mild conditions. In contrast to CSP with immobilized vancomycin, which is a close structural analogue of eremomycin, the prepared CSP reveals high enantioselectivity for separation of amino acids enantiomers.(More)
Quantitative characteristics of organic carbon stock and distribution in the main ecosystem blocks and production-destruction processes in the soil-phytocenosis system have been evaluated in wet oldgrowth bilberry-sphagnum forest. It has been shown that equivalent amounts of carbon are accumulated in the soil and plant reservoirs of the ecosystem and that(More)
2-(Alkyl(aryl)amino)thiazol-4(5H)-ones can regioselectively be prepared from monoalkyl(aryl)thioureas and maleimides. In solution, the former heterocycles exist in a tautomeric equilibrium with 2-(alkyl(aryl)imino)thiazolidin-4-ones and the substituent on the exocyclic nitrogen atom governs the ratio of these tautomers. Isomers with the alkyl group in the(More)