Mikhail Kudryavtsev

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This paper is the continuation of the work " On an inverse problem for finite-difference operators of second order " ([1]). We consider the Cauchy problem for the Toda lattice in the case when the corresponding L-operator is a Jacobi matrix with bounded elements, whose spectrum of multiplicity 2 is separated from its simple spectrum and contains an interval(More)
For finite dimensional CMV matrices the mixed inverse spectral problem of reconstruction the matrix by its submatrix and a part of its spectrum is considered. A general rational interpolation problem which arises in solving the mixed inverse spectral problem is studied, and the description of the space of its solutions is given. We apply the developed(More)
During long-term observations of the Galactic Centre region in hard X-rays (10-300 keV) in space experiments made on board Prognoz-9 satellite and " Mir " orbital station (GRIF experiment) some periodic sources were revealed. They include periodicities of hour and day range of period and 3.45 h. For all the observed periodic processes the mean phase(More)
The study of radiation background components in the near-Earth space is very important for different branches of space research, in particular for space dosimetry and for the planning of gamma-astronomy experiments. Detailed information on the neutral components (gamma-quanta, neutrons) of background radiation was obtained during the Grif-1 experiment(More)
The measurements of high-energy neutron (with energies approximately 30-300 MeV) and proton (with energies approximately 1-200 MeV) fluxes are being conducted on-board "Mir-Spectr" orbital complex. Neutrons are detected by the undirected (FOV approximately 4 pi sr) scintillator spectrometer, consisting of 4 identical CsI(T1) detector units (the effective(More)
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