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The wild boar (Sus scrofa) is one of the most widely distributed mammals in Europe. Its demography was affected by various events in the past and today populations are increasing throughout Europe. We examined genetic diversity, structure and population dynamics of wild boar in Central and Eastern Europe. MtDNA control region (664 bp) was sequenced in 254(More)
The influence of new exopolysaccharide, synthesized by Candida tropicalis and Pseudomonas sp. consortium in ethanol, on the animal body was studied in chronic experiments conducted in 200 non-inbred white rats. The animals were sacrificed after 3, 10 and 18 months of follow-up. The results of the investigations permit a conclusion that exopolysaccharide(More)
The authors studied the epidemiological situation in a surgical clinic on the basis of examination of 12,000 case histories in the course of several years. Microbiological examinations were carried out of 1438 samples with the purpose of assessing the microbial picture of the wounds of patients and all factors of the environment which could participate in(More)
The authors present the results obtained in the survey of graduates from the sanitary and hygienic departments of 4 medical institutes of the Ukrainian SSR carried out in a special pedagogical experiment with the aim to determine the "survival" of their knowledge in epidemiology. As a result, variations in the stability of knowledge in different branches of(More)
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