Mikhail I. Smirnov

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In this paper we propose a layered framework for charging QoS-enhanced IP services with policy based configuration of its layers. As an example architecture we present our implementation-Value Added IP Charging and Accounting Service (VIPCAS). We further concentrate on VIPCAS elements for policies and data exchange. As flexible data structure for exchange(More)
No generally accepted principles and guidelines currently exist to help engineers design local interaction mechanisms that result in a desired global behavior. However, several communities have developed ways of approaching this problem in the context of niched application areas. Because the ideas underlying these approaches are often obscured or(More)
While there has been undeniable progress in the field of autonomic networking research over the past several years, widespread deployments of self-management techniques are still missing. At the same time the need for techniques enabling the transformation of operational models, the evolution towards more flexible networks is becoming more and more evident.(More)
5G represents the next generation of communication networks and services, and will bring a new set of use cases and scenarios. These in turn will address a new set of challenges from the network and service management perspective, such as network traffic and resource management, big data management and energy efficiency. Consequently, novel techniques and(More)
It is expected that the fifth generation mobile networks (5G) will support both human-to-human and machine-to-machine communications, connecting up to trillions of devices and reaching formidable levels of complexity and traffic volume. This brings a new set of challenges for managing the network due to the diversity and the sheer size of the network. It(More)