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The methodological bases and ways of building and using the new type of the educational computer-aided systems for physicians, the Diagnostic trainer, are discussed in the paper. The user's work on the Diagnostic Trainer proceeds in the form of a game during which the system stimulates clinical cases while the user analyzes them. The Diagnostic Trainer uses(More)
78 patients with neurotic disorders, 46 patients with cerebral organic pathology (tumors of the brain, epilepsy) and 25 healthy individuals were examined. Their age was 10-17 years. Clinical, paraclinical, experimental-psychologic, psycholinguistic methods were used. Psycholinguistic analysis of the reports concerning the dreams of the children and(More)
The paper deals with the formal dependence of diagnostic efficiency of clinical laboratory methods from analytic error. The parameters of frequency distribution and the estimation of variance of the analytical error are taken into account. This dependence is constructed basing on an universal model for solving classification tasks using error-contaminated(More)
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