Mikhail Fominykh

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vAcademia is a 3D virtual world designed for collaborative learning. It enables a new approach to educational activities in virtual worlds, which is based on a new vision of content and learning process. The most distinct feature of vAcademia is 3D recording which allows capturing everything in a given virtual world location in dynamics. The resultant(More)
—In this paper, we present a new approach to educational activities in 3D virtual worlds. This approach is based on a new vision of content and learning process in virtual worlds and related to a new platform called vAcademia. This virtual world is designed and developed specially for educational purposes, and it has an integrated set of tools for a number(More)
The use of three-dimensional Collaborative Virtual Environments (3D CVEs) for educational purposes has been constantly increasing during the recent years. One of the reasons is the potential of such environments and the possibility they offer for supporting collaborative work with various types of content. Another important reason is an opportunity for(More)
In recent years, virtual museums have become more widespread and the usage of them for educational purposes has increased. They are used to facilitate educational process in different ways, such as presenting their exhibitions online and serving as a place for educational activities. In this paper, we present an example of such a virtual museum – " 3D(More)
In recent years, the usage of virtual worlds for educational purposes has increased. In this paper, we focus specifically on virtual campuses, i.e. virtual worlds representing real educational institutions that use the metaphor of a university and provide users with a range of different tools for learning. Based on the results of a case study that we have(More)
In this paper, the authors address the challenges of applying three-dimensional virtual worlds for collab-orative work and learning, such as steep learning curve and the demands for computational and network resources. We developed a texture generation model utilizing stream processors that allows displaying large amount of meaningful content in virtual(More)