Mikhail Eropkin

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The European Virus Archive (EVA) was conceived as a direct response to the need for a coordinated and readily accessible collection of viruses that could be made available to academia, public health organisations and industry, initially within Europe, but ultimately throughout the world. Although scientists worldwide have accumulated virus collections since(More)
Exchange of information on and sharing of influenza viruses through the GISRS network has great significance for understanding influenza virus evolution, recognition of a new pandemic virus emergence and for preparing annual WHO recommendations on influenza vaccine strain composition. Influenza surveillance in Russia is based on collaboration of two NICs(More)
A dramatic increase of influenza activity in Russia since week 3 of 2016 significantly differs from previous seasons in terms of the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infection (ARI) and in number of lethal cases. We performed antigenic analysis of 108 and whole-genome sequencing of 77 influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses from Moscow and Saint(More)
Influenza epidemic events in Russia from 1998 up to 2005 were associated with the circulation of influenza A (H3N2), A (H1N1) and B viruses. The antigenic analysis revealed that the evolution of A (H3N2) viruses proceeded as following: A/Sydney/05/97-->A/Panama/2007/99-->A/Fujian/411/02-->A/Wellington/01/04; A (H1N1) viruses:(More)
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