Mikhail Cherniakov

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This article presents signal processing algorithms used as a new remote sensing tool, that is passive bistatic SAR with navigation satellites (e.g. GPS, GLONASS or Galileo) as transmitters of opportunity. Signal synchronisation and image formation algorithms are described for two system variants: one where the receiver is moving and one where it is fixed on(More)
The transfer of the forward scatter (FS) concept to passive coherent location (FS PCL) systems provides a new emerging area of research. This article is dedicated to the investigation of various aspects of a bistatic passive coherent location (PCL) system operating in the FS mode. For efficient signal processing, appropriate FS PCL system analysis is(More)
This paper investigates the feasibility of Galileo navigation satellites as transmitters of opportunity in passive bistatic synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems from the perspectives of signal processing and experiment program. Experimental images obtained using a single Galileo channel, E5a or E5b, are presented and analyzed. The paper also puts forward(More)
In this paper the requirements for low-THz automotive sensors are presented with the focus on THz imaging of the terrain in front of the vehicle. Initial imaging performance at 150 GHz radar is demonstrated and a planned extension using an advanced 300 GHz radar system is described. Antenna requirements for these systems are discussed.
Forward scattering micro radar is used for situation awareness; its operational range is relatively short because of the battery power and local horizon, the free space propagation model is not appropriate. The ground moving targets, such as humans, cars and tanks, have only comparable size with the transmitted signal wavelength; the point target model and(More)