Mikhail A. Shulepov

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We have studied the modification of the near-surface layers of a copper foil under the action of a volume gas discharge, which was generated in air at atmospheric pressure by nanosecond highvoltage pulses of both negative and positive polarity applied between the foil and an electrode with a small radius of curvature. It is established that the surface(More)
The results of the modification of stainless steel, niobium and titanium by volume discharge induced by a beam of runaway electrons in air under normal pressure are presented. Changes in the chemical composition of the surface layers of metal by the action of the discharge, structural changes and changes of hardness were studied. It has been found that the(More)
This paper presents new experimental data on the properties of the near-surface layers of copper specimens treated by plasma of diffuse discharge. A runaway electron preionized diffuse discharge was formed in air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide at atmospheric pressure by applying of nanosecond high voltage pulses to electrode of small curvature radius. The(More)
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