Mikhail A Kuznetsov

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Quantitative characteristics of organic carbon stock and distribution in the main ecosystem blocks and production-destruction processes in the soil-phytocenosis system have been evaluated in wet oldgrowth bilberry-sphagnum forest. It has been shown that equivalent amounts of carbon are accumulated in the soil and plant reservoirs of the ecosystem and that(More)
2-(Alkyl(aryl)amino)thiazol-4(5H)-ones can regioselectively be prepared from monoalkyl(aryl)thioureas and maleimides. In solution, the former heterocycles exist in a tautomeric equilibrium with 2-(alkyl(aryl)imino)thiazolidin-4-ones and the substituent on the exocyclic nitrogen atom governs the ratio of these tautomers. Isomers with the alkyl group in the(More)
In patients with parkinsonism to whom in accordance with medical-diagnostic indices electrodes were implanted into the nuclei of thalamus and striopallidal system, impulse activity of neurones was recorded in tests with presentation of visual and acoustic stimuli. It has been shown that neurones of these structures, reacting by a change of discharges(More)
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