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Process Control Systems (PCSs) are the operating core of Critical Infrastructures (CIs). As such, anomaly detection has been an active research field to ensure CI normal operation. Previous approaches have leveraged network level data for anomaly detection, or have disregarded the existence of process disturbances, thus opening the possibility of(More)
In this work a comparison of the SURF and MUSURF feature descriptor vectors is made. First, the descriptors’ performance is evaluated using a standard data set of general transformed images. This evaluation consists in counting correspondences and correct matches between ten image pairs. Image pairs have different transformations (rotation, scale change,(More)
Web search engines (WSEs) are valuable tools that are widely used to find specific information in the World Wide Web. Recently, they have increased search result relevance by personalizing them according to the users’ interests. Nevertheless, WSEs also pose an important privacy threat, as they profile users by storing and analyzing their previous search(More)
Introduction To assess cerebral hemodynamics in an experimental sepsis model. Methods Nineteen juvenile female Hungahib pigs were subjected into control group (n = 9) or septic group (n = 10). Under general anesthesia in animals of the sepsis group, Escherichia coli culture (2.5 × 105/ml; strain: ATCC 25922) was intravenously administrated in a continuously(More)
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