Mikel Ezquer

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INTRODUCTION The main limiting factors determining apnea time are generally considered to be related to blood and cerebrospinal fluid chemistry. Several physiological (adaptive) mechanisms and some psychologic parameters, such as motivation, are also known to increase apnea time. AIM We wished to study the link between peripheral muscle fatigue, the(More)
OBJECTIVE The mechanisms associated with nerve dysfunction and axonal loss in diabetes has not been fully clarified. Excitability and pathological aspects in nerves from diabetic mice were studied in order to explore the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathy. METHODS Myelinated nerve fibres from the sciatic nerve of BKS.Cg-m (+/+) Lepr (db) /J mice were(More)
We present a novel fabrication process based on laser interference lithography, lift-off and reactive ion etching, which allows us to fabricate periodic nanostructures on photovoltaic substrates with an average root mean square (RMS) roughness of 750 nm. We fabricate nanostructures on unpolished crystalline silicon substrates, which reduces their(More)
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