Mikel Emaldi

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Since Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced the best practices to publish semantic data through the Web, Linked Data principles have been introduced into a wide variety of application domains. This usage of Linked Data eases the enrichment of offered data in a grade that the semantic data that not applies the Linked Data principles never would achieve. In this(More)
The popularity of smartphones makes them the most suitable devices to ensure access to services provided by smart cities; furthermore, as one of the main features of the smart cities is the participation of the citizens in their governance, it is not unusual that these citizens generate and share their own data through their smartphones. But, how can we(More)
We describe an approach to find similarities between RDF datasets, which may be applicable to tasks such as link discovery, dataset summarization or dataset understanding. Our approach builds on the assumption that similar datasets should have a similar structure and include semantically similar resources and relationships. It is based on the combination of(More)
Since the creation of the Open Data Euskadi (ODE) initiative in 2009, one of its challenges has been the publication of government Open Data following the Linked Data principles. On the other hand, one of the challenges for the Semantic Sensor Web is the integration and fusion of data from heterogeneous sensor networks. In this short paper we present the(More)
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