Mikel Bravo

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A 253 km ultralong remote displacement sensor system based on a fiber loop mirror interrogated by a commercial optical time-domain reflectometer is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The use of a fiber loop mirror increases the signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the system to interrogate sensors placed 253 km away from the monitoring system without(More)
In this paper, a novel sensing technique has been designed and investigated for the direct, in-situ detection of steel corrosion distributed in reinforced concrete structures. At present, structural health monitoring (SHM) in reinforced concrete structures is generally focused on monitoring the corrosion risk of the reinforcing steel. It is of significant(More)
A sensing system for micro-displacement measurement based in a suspended-core fiber Sagnac interferometer is presented. The suspended-core fiber characterization was made through the use of an optical backscatter reflectometer, screening its multimodal and birefringent behavior. Its sensitivity to displacement measurements is shown to be due only to(More)
In the present work, a multiwavelength fiber laser based in the combination of a double-random mirror and a suspended-core Sagnac interferometer is presented. The double-random mirror acts by itself as a random laser, presenting a 30dB SNR, as result of multiple Rayleigh scattering events produced in the dispersion compensating fibers by the Raman(More)
A real-time switchable and reconfigurable multiwavelength laser has been experimentally carried out. The laser cavity is based on a random distributed mirror and a novel real-time reconfigurable filter mirror structure. The proposed laser has been demonstrated to generate any combination of wavelengths at the 50 and 100 GHz International Telecommunications(More)
In this work, two all polarization-maintaining (PM) high-birefringence (Hi-Bi) fiber loop mirrors (FLM) which are immune to external polarization perturbations are validated both theoretically and experimentally. Simplified and stable versions of classical FLMs were attained using a PM-coupler and by fusing the different Hi-Bi fiber sections with an(More)
An experimental study about four optical setups used for developing a Focused IR Light Soldering System (FILSS) for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lead-free electronic devices specifically for Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) is presented. An analysis of irradiance and infrared thermography at BGA surface is presented, as well as heat transfer by radiation and(More)