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Applying Method Data DependencetoTransactions in Object Bases 1
Concurrency control in object based systems is a new area of research that has only just begun to be addressed. Recent work has proposed using object level locking but this may be unnecessarilyExpand
Higher Education Expansion and the Growth of Science: The Institutionalization of Higher Education Systems in Seven Countries, 1945–2015
Originality/value Comparing these highly dissimilar countries nevertheless reveals important common patterns, and the variable paces of higher education expansion can be explained by national,Expand
How to construct an organizational field: Empirical educational research in Germany, 1995–2015
Over the past two decades, educational research in Germany has undergone unprecedented changes. Following large-scale assessments such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science StudyExpand
The Diffusion of Educational Ideas among International Organizations: An Event History Analysis of Lifelong Learning, 1990–2013
This article investigates the precipitants of the diffusion of lifelong learning among 88 governmental and nongovernmental international organizations from 1990 to 2013 within an event historyExpand
Europeanizing Universities: Expanding and Consolidating Networks of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme (2004–2017)
The Europeanization of higher education has gained considerable scope and momentum over the past quarter century. Whereas the coordinative Bologna process, with soft governance mechanisms, hasExpand
The World Bank and Education: Governing (through) knowledge
The World Bank has become one of the most influential actors in global education governance. Much research on the World Bank’s role in education has focused on coercive and regulative mechanisms. TheExpand
The scientization of the world polity: International organizations and the production of scientific knowledge, 1950–2015
While recent concepts from the sociology of science stress novel sites of knowledge production (e.g. government, industry), they ignore international organizations’ (IOs) growing research capacity.Expand
Concurrency control in object-based systems
data types are similar to classes in that they both specify the attribute types and operations for their instance objects. Expand
How does research evaluation impact educational research? Exploring intended and unintended consequences of research assessment in the United Kingdom, 1986–2014
Research evaluation systems in many countries aim to improve the quality of higher education. Among the first of such systems, the UK’s Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) dating from 1986 is now theExpand
Beyond internationalisation and isomorphism – the construction of a global higher education regime
ABSTRACT National higher education systems are undergoing profound changes, discussed in many but unrelated studies as outcomes of internationalisation dynamics and institutional isomorphismExpand