Mike Yearworth

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The utilisation of laboratory services for patient diagnosis and management involves many steps with both clinical and laboratory components. The clinical components include the decision to order a test, interpretation of the test results and actions taken on the basis of the results. The laboratory components on the other hand include receipt of the(More)
In this research note we describe a method for exploring the creation of causal loop diagrams (CLDs) from the coding trees developed through a grounded theory approach and using computer aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS). The theoretical background to the approach is multimethodology, in line with Minger’s description of paradigm crossing(More)
Workflow management is a serious concern in any organisation and a clinical laboratory is a particularly good example of where the information system (LIS) needs to be well integrated with the physical system comprising the doctors, technicians and the machines necessary to analyse and report on samples. It is the points of synchronisation between events(More)
We studied the potential benefit of using artificial neural networks (ANNs) for the diagnosis of thyroid function. We examined two types of ANN architecture and assessed their robustness in the face of diagnostic noise. The thyroid function data we used had previously been studied by multivariate statistical methods and a variety of pattern-recognition(More)
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are the de facto method of managing IT Outsourcing (ITO) contracts. Negotiated during pursuit (pre-sales) phase and then used as a dashboard for performance management during delivery the SLA ultimately becomes both the lever and the measurable for revenue and margin performance on a contract. That SLAs should be meaningful,(More)
We address the problem of rework in complex project management by the use of System Dynamics modeling and estimated planned performance profiles. We propose that early indications of problems arising with a project can be generated by comparing estimated planed performance profiles with actual performance profiles. Estimating project quality for use in the(More)
negotiation, admittance, B2B, e-marketplace, trust, privacy, trust service, credentials The rise of e-marketplaces on the Internet is going to bring a broad new set of business opportunities to enterprises and customers at a fraction of the physical-world costs. However, to be really successful, these e-marketplaces must be open, trusted, fair and(More)