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  • Matt Austern, Hans Boehm, +40 authors Dennis Yelle
I find using C++ more enjoyable than ever. C++'s support for design and programming has improved dramatically over the years, and lots of new helpful techniques have been developed for its use. However, C++ is not just fun. Ordinary practical programmers have achieved significant improvements in productivity, maintainability, flexibility, and quality in(More)
P2P file transfers and streaming have already seen a tremendous growth in Internet applications. With the rapid growth of IPTV, the need to efficiently disseminate large volumes of Video-on-Demand (VoD) content has prompted IPTV service providers to consider peer-assisted VoD content delivery. This paper describes Zebroid, a VoD solution that uses IPTV(More)
— GeoTV is a project that explores seamless integration of mobile phones, HDTV sets, and computers in the living room to enrich the user experience of existing services. The three-screen service allows a user to navigate a world map on a smart phone to track geo-located media RSS content that matches her personal interests. The user can show a matching(More)
Cells generate traction forces upon adhesion to the extracellular matrix as well as to neighboring cells. These forces are important for the growth and maintenance of adhesion structures such as focal adhesions and adherens junctions, and may play roles in tissue development. Here, we describe a method for measuring the tugging force transmitted across the(More)
—Recent advances in P2P technology have made it a viable alternative for the delivery of rich media by both content and service providers. However, to better understand and utilize P2P technologies in building a scalable media distribution platform, the nature of the underlying network must be taken into consideration. Although many P2P simulations have(More)
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