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Fatigue is a well recognized safety concern for drivers and other industrial workers who must stay alert and attentive for long periods of time. Currently, drowsiness detectors using EEG technology exist but are cumbersome and unreliable. The large number of standard EEG channels requires extensive wiring, while the conventional wet electrodes cause(More)
Single fibers were analyzed from rabbit fast-twitch tibialis anterior muscles freeze-clamped during continuous stimulation at 10 Hz for up to 8 wk. ATP declined after 1 wk to a stable level approximately 30% below controls. Phosphocreatine decreased earlier and to a greater extent (approximately 50%). Glycogen varied considerably among stimulated fibers and(More)
A wearable, multi-modal sensor is presented that can non-invasively monitor a patient's activity level and heart function concurrently for more than a week. The 4 in(2) sensor incorporates both a non-contact heartrate sensor and a 5-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), allowing simultaneous heart, respiration, and movement monitoring without requiring(More)
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