Mike Woodward

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The workshop will have three main sessions: ! Architectures: on the most relevant problems arising during the design optimization and exploration of many/multi core architectures. ! Design tools: on the state-of-the-art of tool development, showing where we are now and the directions we need to move in. ! Applications: on the analysis, development,(More)
In this paper, a discrete-time stochastic queueing model for the performance analysis of congestion control mechanism based on Random Early Detection (RED) methodology with bursty and correlated traffic by using a two-state Markov-Modulated Bernoulli arrival process (MMBP-2) as the traffic source is presented. A new RED analytical framework is proposed and(More)
Cardiac arrest is a prevalent condition with a poor prognosis, attributable in part to persistent myocardial dysfunction following resuscitation. The molecular basis of this dysfunction remains unclear. We induced cardiac arrest in a porcine model of acute sudden death and assessed the impact of ischemia and reperfusion on the molecular function of isolated(More)
Due to the increase in network services including real-time video and audio applications, Quality of Service (QoS) became a crucial issue for today's Internet users. In order to guarantee QoS to diverse Internet services, it is important to employ effective buffer management schemes at Internet routers. Effectively constraining the mean queue length to a(More)
— A procedure is one of the most important elements that should be emphasized when handling any incident related with the cyber world. It is easily forgotten by many organizations, IT administrator and users, especially when dealing with the worms attack. Using the incident response methodology as the basis to build up the STAKCERT framework, the(More)
The study and developments of communications in wireless networks has commanded on increasing interest of researchers in the last few years. Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS) belong to the class of networks that do not need the support of wired access points for intercommunication. Mobile ad-hoc networks consist of nodes that may frequently move. We have(More)
The ultimate goal of the MANET community is to provide a set of standardized protocols that can be both robust and scalable. This paper proposes routing protocol based on the best heading direction angle route. The protocol is designed to calculate the average of all heading direction angles in the route and find the best route from the source to the(More)
— Contention Free Bursting (CFB) is a new Quality-of-Service (QoS) scheme proposed in IEEE 802.11e standard. It reduces the contention overheads by allowing a station gains the channel to transmit multiple frames back-to-back in a burst. Existing analytical models of the CFB scheme have primarily been presented under the assumption of saturated traffic(More)
Access to the large web content hosted all over the world by users of the Internet engage many hosts, routers/switches and faster links. They challenge the internet backbone to operate at its capacity to assure efficient content access. This may result in congestion and raises concerns over various Quality of Service (QoS) issues like high delays, high(More)