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The biological complexity associated with the regulation of histone demethylases makes it desirable to configure a cellular mechanistic assay format that simultaneously encompasses as many of the relevant cellular processes as possible. In this report, the authors describe the configuration of a JMJD3 high-content cellular mechanistic imaging assay that(More)
The introduction of the rights-based approach to International Development has presented a new set of challenges to those working for the water and sanitation sectors in developing countries. This introduction of this additional pressure on both State and Non-State Actors working in the field has necessitated an overhaul of the existing needs based(More)
In order to encourage citizens to take a more active role in their health care management, a 464-bed community hospital presented a series of 12 health forums during a two-year period. A multidisciplinary panel of speakers was gathered to discuss specific health-related topics. The following article details the selection of forum topics, the general(More)