Mike Wisotzki

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In this paper we present a measurement campaign aimed to identify important radio channel parameters for selected accident situations on urban street intersections. We focus on two scenarios, that yield a significant number of severe urban accidents: Vehicles traveling on perpendicular streets and nontraffic-light-regulated left turn. The measurements were(More)
In this paper we offer a statistical evaluation for car-to-car measurements with a wideband 2 × 2 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel sounder with a calibrated bandwidth of 1 GHz. The results are further employed as a basis for a physically motivated channel model. The main concept of the presented approach is the modeling of the resolved(More)
Using a channel sounder for wideband Car-to-Car 2 × 2 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radio channel measurements at 5.7 GHz with a bandwidth of 1 GHz, we have investigated typical car-to-car communication scenarios in a variety of environments in and around the city of Berlin in Germany. Apart from the full bandwidth signal, we have additionally(More)
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