Mike Wilde

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Many-task computing aims to bridge the gap between two computing paradigms, high throughput computing and high performance computing. Many-task computing denotes high-performance computations comprising multiple distinct activities, coupled via file system operations. The aggregate number of tasks, quantity of computing, and volumes of data may be extremely(More)
In grid environments, the deployment and management of application software presents a major practical challenge for end users. Performing these tasks manually is error-prone and not scalable to large grids. In this work, we propose an automation tool, ADEM, for grid application software deployment and management, and demonstrate and evaluate the tool on(More)
— Climate models are both outputting larger and larger amounts of data and are doing it on more sophisticated numerical grids. The tools climate scientists have used to analyze climate output, an essential component of climate modeling, are single threaded and assume rectangular structured grids in their analysis algorithms. We are bringing both task-and(More)
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