Mike Westall

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This paper describes a technique to enable live migration of virtual machines over the Internet. The method assumes the network supports Mobile IPv6 and that participating host devices support Xen 3.1. Unlike live migration schemes proposed by other researchers, virtual networks are not required. We describe our work in progress on developing a system that(More)
The aim of the front end test stand (FETS) project is to demonstrate that chopped low energy beams of high quality can be produced. FETS consists of a 60 mA Penning Surface Plasma Ion Source, a three solenoid low energy beam transport, a 3 MeV radio frequency quadrupole, a chopper, and a comprehensive suite of diagnostics. This paper details the design and(More)
In this paper, we describe the principles, outlines, and implementation of a new undergraduate database course using MeTube (a variation of the well known YouTube) as a motivational semester-long project, which is attractive, fosters creativity in students and is complex enough to introduce DBMS theories and techniques. We provide detailed course assessment(More)
The number of households and businesses using HFC cable networks for Internet access is rapidly approaching 40 million in the United States. The cable industry has standardized on a single MAC and physical layer standard, the Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS). The emerging IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access MAC protocol is based on(More)
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