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PURPOSE Epilepsy-related death, particularly sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), is underestimated by healthcare professionals. One argument that physicians use to justify the failure to discuss SUDEP with patients and their families is that there is a lack of evidence for any protective interventions. However, there is growing evidence of(More)
  • M R Tripp
  • 1992
Large granular hemocytes of Mercenaria mercenaria avidly phagocytose a variety of biological particles (red blood cells of six species, yeast, and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria) as well as polystyrene spheres. Clam hemolymph is not necessary for phagocytosis but may have some opsonic effect in certain circumstances (e.g., low temperature and low(More)
Hemocytes of the hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria migrate toward secreted bacterial products in vitro by chemotaxis (i.e., by detection of an increasing chemical gradient of attractant). The attractants produced by Escherichia coli are peptides or small proteins. Clam hemocytes also migrate toward formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine (fMLF), a mammalian(More)
Supravalvar aortic banding was performed in 6 to 12 week puppies. Sixteen animals were studied 7.3 (3.5 to 10) months later, closed-chested under morphine-chloralose, catheters being positioned in the great vessels and heart, including the left atrium for microsphere injection. Compared with 11 controls, eight dogs developed biventricular hypertrophy, four(More)
This paper summarizes the Design for Test (DFT) circuitry and test methods that enabled Intel to shift away from traditional functional testing of I/O's. This shift was one of the key enablers for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) re-use and the move to lower capability (& cost) structural test platforms. Specific examples include circuit implementations from(More)
Regional myocardial blood flow (RMF) was measured simultaneously by use of labeled 8-mum microspheres and the constant-rate infusion of 3H2O in 22 open-chest dogs (Na pentobarbital anesthesia) under markedly different hemodynamic conditions. Following cardiac excision, three adjacent 80-mg tissue samples were taken from the subendocardial, mid-wall, and(More)