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A questionnaire was used to assess nutritional intake, weight status, and dietary practices among 630 U.S. college students. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated using self-reported heights and weights, and nutritional status was assessed via 24-hour recall. Sixty-four percent of the students had acceptable BMI levels (between 19 and 25); 16% of(More)
There is an urgent need for the development and implementation of effective and feasible behavioral HIV and STD interventions. The purpose of the present randomized controlled trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of a single-session, skill-based sexual risk reduction intervention for women. Participants were assessed at baseline and at 1 month and 3(More)
The human care and service field requires an innovative robotic solution to make the daily care of elderly and disabled people in both home and workplace environments easier. The European Union (EU) project MATS (flexible mechatronic assistive technology system) has developed a new concept of a climbing robot for this type of service application. The(More)
Body size perception has been shown to be highly influenced by cultural factors including race. This study assessed body size perceptions of a convenience sample of college students (N=630). Included in a paper-and-pencil survey were current height and weight (body mass index (BMI)=wt [kg]/ht(2) [m]), perceived BMI, desired MI and perceptions of BMIs(More)
All casualty attendances (25 707) at a general hospital in the year 1979 were reviewed considering sex, age, employment, location of accident, mechanism of accident, diagnosis, time of arrival at casualty, day of week, week, and month. Males, young people (less than 32 years old), and working people were common attenders. Home accidents and weekend visits(More)
The objective of the RAIL (Robotic Aid to Independent Living) project is to develop a viable, low cost robotic aid, based upon the Handy 1 rehabilitation robot (fig. 1). The RAIL system will enable people with severe disabilities to gain independence in important daily living activities such as teeth cleaning, shaving and washing. Also attachments will be(More)