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In 1991, an article on the Maternity Care Program in Matlab, Bangladesh, reported a substantial decline in direct obstetric deaths in the intervention area, but not in the control area. The decline was attributed primarily to the posting of midwives at the village level. In this article, data are presented from the same period and area on a variety of(More)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common cardiovascular cause of sudden death in adolescent athletes. The electrocardiogram is abnormal in more than 90% of these individuals. An EKG screening program was developed in order to ascertain the role of the electrocardiogram in identifying athletes at risk for sudden death. A training program was created to(More)
This study examined isolation among a group of deaf high school students who were nominated as "outstandingly successful" by their schools in a stratified random sampling from across the United States. From the data contained in 23 case studies, we determined that most of the students, whether from mainstream or residential programs, experienced some degree(More)
Case studies are presented of deaf high school students who were identified as "outstandingly successful" in a national survey. In the analysis of case histories, a subgroup of students had achieved success despite numerous stressful circumstances. Students who would have been expected to do poorly were nonetheless achieving. Although from different(More)
Testing of the permeation resistance of eight glove and suit barriers against commercially available substituted silanes and siloxanes was performed using the ASTM F739-96 standard test method. In addition to barrier performance to the pure organosilanes, the permeation rates of the hydrolysis product (usually ethanol or methanol) were investigated. The(More)
Trauma is a leading cause of mortality for pediatric patients worldwide. An increase in pediatric trauma cases occurs during summer because of a change in schedule and an increased risk with recreational activities. This case report presents the anesthetic care and management of a 15-year-old female who was involved in a high-speed rollover motor vehicle(More)