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Speech recognition performance degrades significantly in distant-talking environments, where the speech signals can be severely distorted by additive noise and reverberation. In such environments, the use of microphone arrays has been proposed as a means of improving the quality of captured speech signals. Currently, microphone-array-based speech(More)
BACKGROUND PreImplantation Factor (PIF), a novel peptide secreted by viable embryos is essential for pregnancy: PIF modulates local immunity, promotes decidual pro-adhesion molecules and enhances trophoblast invasion. To determine the role of PIF in post-fertilization embryo development, we measured the peptide's concentration in the culture medium and(More)
The Columns letters software corner announcements CIGPU at WCCI-2008 calls & calendar EDITORIAL Editorial I always feel energized after GECCO. There are so many interesting tutorials and so many interesting presentations that, as soon as I am back home, I feel the urge to start working right away. GECCO is truly an invaluable source of inspiration. This(More)
Self-reported stress factors in migraine headache were examined from a cognitive-behavioral point of view. 18 migraine patients completed the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule and the Fear Survey Schedule. In addition, the migraine sufferers reported on all factors, either psychological or physical, which they felt were associated with headaches, answered a(More)
The effects of extracellular K ions and depolarization on 45Ca fluxes were investigated in desheathed sciatic nerves of Rana pipiens and the results compared to Na-Ca countertransport models which postulate the exchange of three or more Na ions for one Ca ion. Changes in the extracellular K ion concentration ranging from 1 to 40 mM at a constant Na gradient(More)
Investigation of Ca fluxes in desheathed bundles of myelinated nerve of frog indicates an intracellular Ca concentration of 5 x 10(-4) mol . kg-1 (axoplasm) and an average transmembrane flux of 6 x 10(-8) mol. kg-1 . s-1 at an extracellular Ca concentration of 1 mM. Replacement of extracellular Na by isosmotic sucrose increases Ca influx threefold and(More)
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