Mike Stieff

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  • Mike Stieff
  • 2005
Mental visualization of diagrammatic representations is presumed to be a critical strategy for learning and problem solving, particularly in the sciences. However, little is known about how students employ visualization on genuine scientific tasks. The present study describes undergraduate chemistry students' use of visualization for problem solving using(More)
Computer-based visualizations play a profoundly important role in chemistry instruction. In this chapter, we review the role of visualization tools and possible ways in which they may influence thinking about chemistry. There are now several visualization systems available that allow students to manipulate important variables in obtain a solution to a(More)
and offers publications, conferences, and educational programs to the community of researchers and practitioners who use cognitive, socio-cognitive, and socio-cultural approaches to studying learning in real-world situations and designing environments, software, materials, and other innovations that promote deep and lasting learning. Researchers in the(More)
ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this thesis to my husband Chris and my mother Phyllis. Without your unending love, support and patience none of this would have been possible. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, I must thank my advisor, Jennifer Wiley. Throughout my graduate career Jenny has always had my best interests in mind. She worked hard to make sure(More)