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Many primary care professionals manage injection or infusion therapies in patients with diabetes. Few published guidelines have been available to help such professionals and their patients manage these therapies. Herein, we present new, practical, and comprehensive recommendations for diabetes injections and infusions. These recommendations were informed by(More)
The efficacy of caffeine ingestion in enhancing aerobic performance is well established. However, despite suggestions that caffeine may enhance resistance exercise performance, research is equivocal on the effect of acute caffeine ingestion on resistance exercise performance. It has also been suggested that dampened perception of perceived exertion and pain(More)
The efficacy of caffeine ingestion in enhancing aerobic performance is well established. The evidence for caffeine's effects on resistance exercise is mixed and has not fully examined the associated psychological and psychophysiological changes. This study examined acute effects of ingesting a caffeine-containing energy drink on repetitions to failure, the(More)
This study examined visual discrimination performance in a sample of older adults before, during and post treadmill walking at preferred walking speed and preferred walking speed +20%. Nine adults (6 females and 3 males) aged 60-77 years (mean age=67.1±5.7 years) undertook three trials each lasting 15 min, rest, walking at preferred speed and walking at(More)
MOTIVATION At present, mapping of sequence identifiers across databases is a daunting, time-consuming and computationally expensive process, usually achieved by sequence similarity searches with strict threshold values. SUMMARY We present a rapid and efficient method to map sequence identifiers across databases. The method uses the MD5 checksum algorithm(More)
MOTIVATION CoGenT++ is a data environment for computational research in comparative and functional genomics, designed to address issues of consistency, reproducibility, scalability and accessibility. DESCRIPTION CoGenT++ facilitates the re-distribution of all fully sequenced and published genomes, storing information about species, gene names and protein(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the effect of exercise intensity on coincidence anticipation timing [CAT] performance at different stimulus speeds. Fourteen young adults (11 males and 3 females) volunteered to participate in the study following ethical approval. After familiarisation, coincidence anticipation was measured using the Bassin Anticipation(More)