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An ultrasound approach was developed to identify normal amniotic fluid volume. The uterine cavity was divided into four quadrants. With the use of linear-array, real-time B-scanning, the vertical diameter of the largest pocket in each quadrant was measured. The sum of these four quadrants was used to provide a single number for the amniotic fluid volume and(More)
The histopathologic findings in two cases of senile macular degeneration were correlated with the premortem clinical studies, from the onset in both cases and through the disciform stage in one case. In case 2, the postmortem eyes were obtained only one month after ophthalmoscopic, fluorescein angiographic, and fundus photographic studies were performed,(More)
BACKGROUND Although successful pregnancy has been reported in women with prosthetic mesh abdominal wall grafts, the complication of severe pain in pregnancy from shearing of the graft has not been described. We report an unusual case of severe pain in pregnancy caused by abdominal wall stretching by the enlarging uterus. Pain was controlled with long-term(More)
Eosinophil migration to the lung is primarily regulated by the eosinophil-selective family of eotaxin chemokines, which mobilize intracellular calcium (Ca(2+)) and orchestrate myriad changes in cell structure and function. Eosinophil function is also known to be flow-dependent, although the molecular cognate of this mechanical response has yet to be(More)
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Since Saling's work in 1961, many investigators have attempted to perfect methods to detect fetal acidosis during labor. A system for continuous tissue pH monitoring of the fetus is evaluated in this study of 59 patients. There was poor correlation of tissue pH values and capillary scalp pH values in 19 cases (r = 0.487), and no significant correlation of(More)
Reports have shown that a reactive nonstress test (NST) with decelerations in the postdate patient is associated with an increase in perinatal morbidity. Based on these observations, patients who exhibited this fetal heart rate (FHR) pattern during NST had labor induced. The purpose of this report was to determine what impact, if any, this approach had on(More)
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