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Many sports video games contain elements such as running or throwing that are based on real-world physical activities, but the translation of these activities to game controllers means that the original physicality is lost. This results in games where players have limited opportunity to improve their physical skills, where there is little differentiation in(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess current management practices of phenylketonuria (PKU) clinics across the United States (US) based on the key treatment metrics of blood phenylalanine (Phe) concentrations and blood Phe testing frequency, as well as patient adherence to their clinic's management practice recommendations. METHODS An online survey was conducted with medical(More)
Sports video games should be inherently competitive, but they fall short in providing true competition for the players. The emphasis on statistical simulations in traditional sports video games has taken away the ability for players to gain expertise development, differentiate how they play from other players, and change the way they play throughout the(More)
Sports video games attempt to be the best possible simulation of their real-world sport counterpart; the graphics are near perfect, the physics are highly realistic, and the in-game statistics of each character closely represent the real-world person they are mimicking. Overall, this has led to sports video games being heavily based on statistical(More)
Game mechanics in sports video games for skills like running and throwing are nothing like those skills in real sports. Adding small-scale exertion to the control scheme -- using small muscle groups such as hands and fingers -- can re-introduce some degree of physicality into sports video games. However, there is little quantitative knowledge about how(More)
Rhesus monkeys were studied for changes in noradrenergic functioning before and after chronic oral administration (28 days) of the tricyclic antidepressant desipramine (DMI). Decreases in cerebrospinal fluid concentration of the norepinephrine metabolite MHPG were evident following the first dose (5.0 mg/kg) of DMI, but not after chronic administration of(More)
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